Halcyon Hospice and Palliative Care

The Kingfisher, calm and at peace,
nested upon water, quieter of restlessness.

Colorado Front Range Mountains


Halcyon Hospice & Palliative Care is a local not-for-profit agency providing patient centered care along Colorado’s Front Range (Fort Collins, Denver, Castle Rock).

Our Mission Statement

Halcyon Hospice is committed to a standard of excellence in providing sensitive, patient-centered health care to hospice patients and families.

Our Vision

To represent peace and to settle restlessness; be present to listen and to respect; to embolden the delivery of care by an organizational culture of service and team.

A Letter To All:

It is an honor for Halcyon Hospice to be invited into your lives at such a sacred time. We are deeply committed to living up to your expectations, wishes and desires. Halcyon is a not-for-profit hospice. Our vision is to provide patient-centered care to people who reside in both rural and urban settings.

This is a strong vision. It means that we will go to where you are – anywhere along Colorado’s Front Range. It also means that we will listen to you. We have experience, we are compassionate and we are innovative. Our goal is to use all of that on your behalf, to help you realize your goals and dreams at this stage of your life. Halcyon is a name that has meaning. It stands for the Kingfisher, a legendary bird that nested upon disrupted waters and brought calm and peacefulness. Halcyon wants to bring calm and peacefulness to you and your loved ones as well. We want to live up to our namesake.

Relationships form the foundation of the best hospice care. We will never lose sight of that. Our relationships with you, to one another and to our mutual community are integral to what makes our vision unique. We want all whom we touch to feel they have touched us as well.

Thank you very much for allowing us to be part of your lives.

Halcyon Hospice