Halcyon Hospice and Palliative Care

The Kingfisher, calm and at peace,
nested upon water, quieter of restlessness.

Gift Program

The Kingfisher Gifts program offers relief to patients and families who are having difficulty with the expense of small needs.

The foundation offers to purchase items that can bring peace, dignity and comfort for individuals receiving hospice or palliative care.

The Kingfisher Gifts program is offered to patients under the care of Hospice that is located in a rural HPSA.
The program offers to purchase items up to the total cost of $100.00.


  1. Request must be made by a Hospice Care Team Member from a rural (HPSA) hospice program.
  2. Recipient of gift is currently receiving Hospice or Palliative Care Services.
  3. The patient and/or family are unable to cover the expense on their own
  4. Hospice Care Team Member has exhausted community resources.


The Kingfisher Foundation recognizes the comfort in knowing that small expenses can offer significant relief. A new blender might save time in preparing purée or a ticket to the ball park a special kind of respite.

  • Utility Expenses
  • Travel Expenses
  • Food Assistance
  • Personal Items (books, music, clothing, toiletries, spa treatments, etc…)
  • Entertainment Event Tickets
  • Restaurant Gift Certificates
  • Lodging

How to Make a Request for Our Gift Program

Please complete the Kingfisher Gifts Program Application .
Submit Application via mail to Kingfisher Foundation, PO Box 177, Mead, CO 80542 or email us at kingfisherfoundation@mail.com.