Halcyon Hospice and Palliative Care

The Kingfisher, calm and at peace,
nested upon water, quieter of restlessness.

Our Philosophy

Hospice Philosophy

At any point in our circle of life, a loved one can face the transitions incurable diseases bring. Hospice is precisely for those moments – to pause, to be present, to listen to bring peace and to settle the restlessness that can accompany the uncertainty of change.

Hospice care is faithfully holistic and focuses on the unique, personal wishes of an individual patient and family.

Hospice care does not seek to cure life-limiting disease, it does not seek to hasten or prolong death, but instead hospice care offers comfort and support for patients and their families. Hospice care allows for emotional and spiritual growth while physical conditions change. Hospice care is provided anywhere a patient call home. The hospice team specializes in the physical, social, spiritual and emotional care of the patient and family, with professionals and volunteers available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Hospice care honors the potential for growth in this cycle of life, bringing a clinically-directed, interdisciplinary team to nurture, support and heal during the last stages of an illness and into the bereavement period. Non-discriminatory, hospice offers palliative care without regard to age, gender, nationality, race, creed, sexual orientation, disability, diagnosis, availability of a primary caregiver or ability to pay.

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