Halcyon Hospice and Palliative Care

The Kingfisher, calm and at peace,
nested upon water, quieter of restlessness.

The Kingfisher

A bird of iridescent light;
of visionary blue; as painterly
as a sunflower; swift
as an arrow.
It longs for the milk of rivers,
kindling the rain bowed air
with feather-bright flame;
subtle-winged, the kingfisher
melting to water.
Unearthly jeweled that builds
its nest in the crux of worlds,
tunneling the arcane earth;
like its wounded namesake,
sovereign of wastelands, whose chalice
pours its solvent of dreams.
Precision-tooled and cuts
like a blade cleaving the wind;
the sharp percussion of its dive,
plunged in its liquid essence.

–Michael Whan