Halcyon Hospice and Palliative Care

The Kingfisher, calm and at peace,
nested upon water, quieter of restlessness.


Holistic Therapies are a philosophy of care at Halcyon Hospice.

We utilize a full range of holistic therapies at Halcyon Hospice to assist calming and ease pain through less invasive means. Holistic Therapies bring balance, awareness and potential for spiritual healing and reconnection.

Massage/Healing Touch

Massaging the scalp, neck, hands and feet stimulates the circulatory system allowing energy to flow and thus balance the body.


Aromatherapy’s soothing, organic essential oils fill the air, bringing harmony to mind, body and spirit.

Guided Imagery

Guided Imagery connects the Self to a higher level within and with others.

Music Enrichment

Music Therapy changes moods, aids digestion, reduces tension and eases suffering all through sound enjoyment.


Journalizing brings self-awareness and self-discovery to patients by releasing emotions spontaneously as they enter the mind while writing.

Art Enrichment

With the aid of various art materials, Art Therapy allows for release, solace and healing emotions that expel somatically through the body and spirit.

Sacred Speaking/Listening

By exploring metaphors surrounding illness, Sacred Speaking/Listening allows for opportunities by empowering patients, allowing them to gain a sense of control in expressing how they feel.

Pet Visits

People and animals have a long and harmonious history. Pet therapy rekindles the ancient connections of love, kindredness and loyalty that touch us deeply.

Halcyon Hospice incorporates holistic therapies into each patient’s plan of care according to need and based upon availability.